3 steps to creating lasting change in your participants through high impact instructional design

Max & Ruth Training


SEPTEMBER 29,  2021

6.00  PM  CST 


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Many adult education programs fail even before they are delivered

Imagine that there are a few minutes until you start your course and nerves make their appearance, your hands begin to sweat, you feel that your mouth is dry and your throat begins to bother you, sometimes that nervousness is so intense that you have to run to the bathroom since you feel that at any moment you can throw up. Has this happened to you? It is very likely that it has because most instructors experience that nervousness, the key is to know how to handle it.

Now, once you have overcome that initial moment and begin to teach your course, in which you have wanted to include everything you know, you notice that your participants tire quickly and stop paying attention - despite all the interesting content that you have prepared for them! They seem to be more interested in checking their cell phones or in checking how long until the next break and you don't know why this is happening.

As time passes and you realize that your participants are not interested in what you are saying or feel overwhelmed by all the information you are presenting to them, certain words, phrases or movements begin to appear in your message, these begin to be repeated constantly which detract from the impact of your message and worst of all, you probably don't even realize what is happening.

To make matters worse, the participants cannot read the information provided in your visual aids, because when you designed them you didn’t want anything to be missing and you made sure that all the information on the topic was included in each learning aid.

Has this happened to you in any of your courses?

Did you know that all this can be avoided long before you stand in front of your audience on the day of the course?

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what will you get

This is what you'll discover during this event!


Change Starts With Me

You'll discover the secret formula to carry out a deep transformation that will allow you to modify your courses so that they become true life-changing learning experiences.


Transform Your Course

You'll learn different tools and techniques that will allow you to transform your course or program, turning it into a high impact course for your participants.


Transform The Delivery Of Your Course

You'll experiment different ways to maximize the use of all your learning resources so that your course becomes an unforgettable learning experience for your participants. 

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Ruth Ebergenyi and Max Quiroz have been part of the instructional design, distance and online education for more than 30 years. Both were fortunate to actively participate in the birth of Tecnológico de Monterrey's Virtual University, training future instructors and teaching in it.

 During this period they have guided thousands of persons and helped them to develop their full potential as instructors, trainers and speakers.

They have delivered courses in all types of organizations, from small informal ones to large corporations, helping their participants to develop the skills needed to deliver Life-Changing Courses, either face to face or online.

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